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Official News

Rewardision places 4th at RevisionPhoton,24-04-11

In a co-operation with Complex and Offense, Scoopex contributed to the Amiga Demo competition at the Revision 2024 demoparty in Germany, where it won 4th place!

Exxagon joins ScoopexPhoton,24-03-27

Scoopex welcomes their new member - gfx artist Exxagon!

Zzap Magazine Demoscene LegendsPhoton,24-02-24

J.O.E. and Photon together with members of Rebels, Sanity, and Anarchy (and more!) were featured in the Demoscene Legends series, spread across several issues.

Sim joins!Photon,23-12-08

Scoopex is proud to welcome its new member Sim, gfx artist with many contributions to recent releases from Scoopex, Resistance, Wanted Team, and TRSI!

SpaceBoot IntroPhoton,23-11-20

A small intro to say hello @ Mysdata 2023, and share the SpaceBoot utility bootblock.

Latest Articles

My top 10 AGA DemosPhoton,23-06-17

Late post cos IRL stuff. Had another nice chat with Bacchus/FLT, and here's the video with my top 10 AGA demos. :)

My top 10 OCS DemosPhoton,23-03-08

Had a nice chat with Bacchus/FLT and here's a video from a few days ago about Amiga & my top 10 OCS demos. :)

Amiga Hardware Programming #45 is outPhoton,21-09-03

I mention a few simple scripting methods for the demo and settle on one, adding scroll commands to the scroll text.

Retro + MAME joystick buildPhoton,17-10-20

I have a right-handed QuickShot 162, a Tac-2 modded with terminal keyboard fire button, and an old arcade panel with a JK microswitch joystick and blade-switch buttons that I put across my knee whenever I feel the urge. :) Why make a new one?

Blast from pastMr. Spiv,15-07-27

Phew.. A lot has happened since last time. I relocated my whole family to USA.. The centre of Silicon Valley to be more precise and in a middle of year just before Xmas. That was quite a stretch to be honest. My furniture, geek crap and stuff arrive as late as mid March ;) Anyway, mid June was the first time I actually had time for myself, visit Fry's, buy enough 110V/60Hz stuff to build my gear (Amiga for example) a PSU that works here.. and tadaa.. my A600 was alive.



Welcome to our site!

This site covers where we came from, what we are doing now, and where we are going. Also, each member will occasionally write something in her or his blog, and if you're just here for the stuff we've released, take a look in Downloads. Some more prominent prods are showcased in the Gallery.

What is Scoopex?

A team of sceners who make demos for misc. computer and console platforms. We have members in quite a few countries and believe in releasing top quality prods, now and in the future...

Our slogan is: "Generations Ahead" - and we intend to prove it.