1Klång wins @ Datastorm 2013

This first little intro using 1Klång music was hoping to showcase the tightness of the format when converted from Protracker.

The tight code to have moving polygons was a few bytes too large, and as the bytes got shaved off, entropy reared its ugly head and killed any crunching. The boot intro had to be slaughtered at the last minute and the version with the main effect kept had to instead be released in the 4K

I'm finishing up a mini-music disk with the converter and player, making sure I have a decent V1.0. I hope coders and musicians will 'get it' (and like it), and that it will get used as a very optimized alternative to The Player, which I from my experience with it couldn't foresee could easily support simple synth envelopes to waves/samples, wavetable, finer fades, etc.


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