A600 Portable - The Joytech 8" screen

The Joytech 8" LCD Digital Monitor for Playstation 2 was shipped with a silly manual, a remote, a car 12V adapter, and a very stylish looking bag for it all, which I will probably use for travel. :P

The hardest part of hooking it up was to open the connector part of the screen, and finding out the connector's name was AV Multi (whereas Nintendo consoles use the imaginative name Multi AV!).

The rest was easy. Wikipedia had a pinout and I felt like it was safer to assume that the PSX pinout was valid for PS2 from their article. I decided to clip off the little pcb that had the PS2 video and power connectors on it, hacked the pcb in two and used the connector in the "through" video connector on the back of the screen.

I made a cable with just 5 wires (r,g,b,csync and gnd) and it worked straight away. Well, after I set the screen to game mode. :) 

Sorry for the blurry pictures, I think I must retire my 2001 camera. Its autofocus just won't work. Picture quality, although I got no decent pictures of it for the same reason, can be described as very sharp, "gp2x type" force weave (not interlace), and perhaps a slight shadow on text, like you get when you beef up contrast too much on a scart tv.

I am very satisfied with my purchase since it was only 70€ including shipping from gameseek.co.uk. Will order a PicoPSU tomorrow, on thursday a skilled handyman to make nice holes in the Amiga chassis for me... :P 


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MultiAV Input
Reply #2 on : Fri October 30, 2009, 18:24:39
Sorry, no, didn't use that port, I removed that little PCB :) But I found this now, by adding "pinout" to "multi-input-av" in google :) http://pinouts.ru/Home/PlayStationAV_pinout.shtml

I measured the pins on the other port to find the pinout, but I can confirm this, as another guy asked for the 12-pin pinout a while back and I compared the pinout I sent to him :)

The two ports are connected on the Joytech I think, so it should be easy to measure which pin from this port is connected to which pin on the 25-pin port.
Kai Kockott
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MultiAV Input
Reply #1 on : Thu October 29, 2009, 23:19:38
Have you a Pinout for the 25pin Multi-Input-AV Connector ?