Mental Hangover (1990)

Platform: Amiga OCS

Release Date: April 12, 1990

Competitions: none

In April 1990 Scoopex released 'Mental Hangover' on the Swedish Elite Easter Conference.
It not only ranked 1st in the Amiga demo compo but changed the entire approach in creating demos...
...and therefore the entire scene forever.

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Up to that point all major demo releases were so-called 'Megademos', which consisted of different parts
with different music linked together by a RAM-resistent piece of software called loader, which was the same
after each part.

'Mental Hangover' eliminated that sequence-character and opened up for free-flow presentations.
This was possible due to the new trackloading technique which was first applied in this very demo.

Also common word is that this production was the first one ever having 'design' in it.

With this release, Scoopex created a new category in demos going by the name of
'trackmos' (trackloaded demos) and in this respect set the standard for all demos to come for years.

It is still regarded as an unique masterpiece and one of the real classics, and was also featured on
Vol.2 of the Mindcandy DVD-series (Amiga edition), along with an audio commentary provided by TMB.


  • Code by Slayer
  • Graphics by Reward
  • Music „Madness took me“ by Uncle Tom 

Some words from Uncle Tom:

„The tune 'Madness Took Me' I made for that demo on order from the Finland section of Scoopex.
It was a time when I played the game
'Marble Madness' alot, so I kind of let that inspire me to make
the tune extra whacky with certain elements straight copies from the game, some even more twisted.
'Madness Took Me' wasn't the every day uncletom style, then again, I never had any particular style.“