First Demo (1989) - demo by Scoopex Austria

Platform: Amiga OCS

Release Date: January 1, 1989

Competitions: ?? at Energy Austria Copy Party 1988

This was the first demo by Scoopex, spread on New Year's Day 1989. It was released to show the break from Megaforce, that had gotten into trouble with the police over software piracy. Connections with Megaforce were broken (although a lot of the members followed over into Scoopex) and the demo was released to announce that fact and the new group.

Austrian coder Crazy Typer and gfx artist J.O.E. continued their efforts, explaining in the scroller the reasons for the shift. The demo contains a bob routine with odd and even function keys setting the parameters for the sine formula. Music was ripped from the Amiga port of Sanxion, composed by Rob Hubbard.

Numerous prods soon followed, and Scoopex reached outward to international fame, of which the Vectrex Demo, Just Filled, and Glory Stars created the most attention.

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  • Code by Crazy Typer
  • Graphics by J.O.E.
  • Music by Rob Hubbard