My first cracktro ever :)

Another garishly colored OCS intro I guess but, well, there are already 524288 bland and uninspiring 'designer color' intros out there... ;) And if you know me, I have a thing for oldskool, so that includes its style, too.

I think its biggest positive property is that it doesn't look like a 4K intro but has more graphics. In fact the biggest chunk of data in it is the animated monsters :) This gave me too little space (only $1200 bytes left on disk) to do anything else really, so it was an absolute pain to sacrifice some cool ideas I wanted and above all to spend oodles of time on simple routines to save 8 bytes here and 4 bytes there. I doubt I'll do another 'exe size budget' intro. 

I crunched it with an old cruncher I made in 1992, Qik*D*Pak, mostly because the decrunch routine was smaller. I managed to shave another few bytes off it, so it became 88 bytes. Without that, and without crunching from 4840 bytes or so down to 4459, it would not have fitted on the disk.

The other thing that was fun to code was the sine gen to generate the samples, it became 64 bytes (or was it 68?).

There is a small 'music' (hehe) player in the vblank which just plays a beat and fades some chords. I blame the size budget, hope you can stand it. :P 

Head on over to Downloads for the exe and nfo.Or click this Pouet link :) 


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Reply #1 on : Mon September 08, 2008, 15:10:38
Just a little hello/welcome from just to say that we all think it is great to see Scoopex releasing a new 4K intro for the Amiga in 2008.

Keep up the great work :)